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02 1월, 2008

Some Audio Delight

This is a live version of Fan by Epik High, which has previously been raved on about, at some random award show. They reworked the song substituting some electronic bits with Honey Lee (Miss Korea 2007) playing a gayageum (Korean zither), which sounds very similar to the harp. Genius. Another thing to note: those who actually listen to Epik High's music (only guys it seems, from watching this video) bobbed their head quite enthusiastically to the music while those who had no clue were...clapping and looking quite bemused as to what sort of freakish devilry was going on on stage. Quite funny, really. What else is there to say? Oh yeah, This song is a brilliant kick in the ear.

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sLaVe_Maria :

Hey, I saw your comment on rocketfuel :) (dindn't want to spam up his blog)
I'm starting to fall out of Japanese music as well. I'm much more into Korean, but I still listen to the good stuff that's worth it.

I work at
Check it out sometimes. We have a good staff member who's quick with uploading music, great news, and fun people ;D