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24 5월, 2008

And I So Should Not Have Wasted Bandwith

Pygmalion and its retelling as the classic movie My Fair Lady (1956) is a perennial favorite with movie makers. A makeover story with a dab of fiery, combative romance and a surefire ending guaranteed to please the sensibilities of any dewy-eyed lover of love, it seems fairly straightforward that at least some passable fare could be created, but no. I guess Ovid never counted the ineptitude of the director of My Dream Girl to screw up something so simple, so royally.

The director had all the ingredients; beautiful people, montage of fun makeover scenes, the cheating girlfriend of the lead dude. It all comes across however as flat, humorless and seemingly without a single thread of thought to keep the movie flowing seamlessly between the scenes. Instead, scenes vary from incredibly rushed to absolutely pointless and a blooming waste of film.

Crappy, disappointing and my now hard drive a much poorer piece of a equipment for it, my ratio sacrificed.

0.5 out of 5. That's only because...forget it 0 out of 5 for ruining my day

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