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01 6월, 2008

Of Two Minds

I am into my third Haruki Murakami book, and though I have not read enough of his works to truly give an informed opinion (and even if I had, I would not have the analytic wherewithal to do so), of the three that I have read there seems to be a commonality between them all; two worlds. The two spheres of existence that feed upon each other. The protagonist's real world is a fractured, painful, imperfect one, and the escape into his alternate and ultimately more fruitful one is fraught with battles both with the self and others. That is not to say that the alternate is perfect, it just seems to hold more answers to the more pressing questions, and permits behaviour and ideals that reality places restraints on.

I find his books a consuming read because he truly mystifies me as to when and how the worlds are intertwined and I have no choice but to finish. His books are surprisingly easy to read even though they are dense, multi layered and at times metaphysical I cannot help but to continue reading, and the pay off is always as good as promised. I think it is the scifi, curious nature in me that likes his books. His insight into human motivations and riddles are full of "light bulb!" moments that never fail to make me want to pick up another book, a pen, music and delve deeper. Into what? Of that, I am not sure.

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