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17 10월, 2007

Quick Note

To my shame, horror and general bemusement I am still a proud Backstreet Boys fan. Oxymoronic, I know. However, the BSB are coming out with a new album Unbreakable who's lead song is "Inconsolable", which sounds like (take a deep breath) "incomplete", "more than that", "I still" and the list goes on. I know all the lyrics to most of those songs just because they were so awesomely sing alongable and i had great pretensions that my voice did not actually cause dogs to go beserk. This album won't do so great because frankly the market is done with this type of music and they really are "getting too old for this". Kudos to them for bringing some much needed pop to the pop world, instead of the post-modern, dark is sexy(back) sort of thing. For your Viewing pleasure, these two dudes lip sync one of my favorites "I want it that way" and do a bang up job.

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