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10 10월, 2007

Vengeance is oh so Sweet!

For the one person who actually plays video game and reads this blog (i'm talkin' to you bro, you'd better be reading this!) this is one of THE funniest apologies I've watched in like, forever. Just because, having lived with game freaks and fanatics (again my dear brovver, you) I know how ticked off people get, and adding the spoiler on the end? Priceless. BTW you ought to read the death threat he got. So hilarious!

Did forget to mention the video game? Microsoft's hallowed Halo 3, released after much hype and media fanfare. All the comments posted cursing him to perdition, did not take into consideration that the swag landed in a freaking bush, and so would probably have suffered little or no harm from the 20 or so ft drop. Also that the spoiler wasn't real, but the fanboi's (derogatory term for anyone who is a diehard fan of a particular product) seemed to have lost all sense of a smidgeon of a connection to reality.

My first favorite asian (actually asian/american) dude/dudette of the month, Mr. Brian Lam, Editor of Gizmodo.

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